Aichi Performance Team (愛知パフォーマンスチーム) is a teen idol group under the label UP FRONT WORKS. The group was formed in 2012 after a series of auditions, and have been active since. The group is composed of six members, all from the Aichi Prefecture (hence the group's name).


  • Hasegawa Yumeko (長谷川夢子)
  • Sogawa Orina (祖川 折な)
  • Minawa Hitomi (三縄仁美)
  • Tanaka Asuma (田中遊馬)
  • Irai Kizuki (依頼築き)
  • Kikui Aiko (喜久井愛顧)


2012: Auditions and Group FormationEdit

February 24, it was announced on the Up Front Agency (Now UP FRONT PROMOTION) that auditions for a new girl group would be held during the summer. It was explained that, while being signed under UP FRONT WORKS, they wouldn't be associated with any other idol groups such as Hello! Project. 

June 17, the auditions officially began. The auditions took place in many different prefectures, including Aichi. By August 23, the winners for the audition were chosen.

September 13, during a S/mileage concert, the group members were officially announced, along with the group name (with the help of S/mileage member Fukuda Kanon and SharanQ member Makoto) . They also made their debut performance announced their formation, with the song "Sakasama ni Shite Mawari ni".


February 11, Aichi Performance Team released their debut indies single, "Owarai Ai / Fighter Kettei". 

March 15, Aichi Performance Team started their very first live tour. It ran from March 15 to June 11. Between those dates, they attended lots of idol-related events.

June 11, on the last day of their live tour, it was announced that they would be releasing their debut album in October. However, the date was pushed back due to unknown reasons.

2014: First Album, Major Debut and Hall TourEdit

January 28, the group finally released their debut album, "DANCE FURY". It reached #5 on the Oricon Charts, selling 12,394 copies total. 

March 11, at a release event for the 5th (and last) indies single "Successor", it was announced that Aichi Performance Team would be making their major debut in the summer and would be holding their first hall tour.

June 19, Aichi Performance Team released their first major debut single, "Hisanna Judai no Shoujo".

November 11, the group's first hall tour began.

2015: International DebutEdit

January 12, a new challenge was announced for Aichi Performance Team. The challenge is to release "Sakasama ni Shite Mawari ni" internationally, and have it sell atleast 4,000 copies. If they can achieve this goal, they will be rewarded with a US concert in New York.




  1. [2013.02.11] Owarai Ai / Fighter Kettei (お笑い愛/ファイター決定)
  2. [2013.04.09] Ai Mokuhyou (愛目標)
  3. [2013.11.23] Hayai Tojo (早い途上)
  4. [2014.01.11] Aishite Aishite Aishite (愛して 愛して 愛して)
  5. [2014.03.06] Successor


  1. [2014.06.19] Hisanna Judai no Shoujo (悲惨な十代の少女)
  2. [2014.10.17] Kagirare Shiawase (限られ幸せ)
  3. [2015.04.12] Wasuremono Ai (忘れ物愛)

Limited SinglesEdit

  1. [2014.03.16] Sakasama ni Shite Mawari ni (逆さま に して 周り に) -International Release Only


Original AlbumsEdit

  1. [2014.01.28] DANCE FURY