CloverSmash! (クローバースマッシュ!) is an all-girl trio under Up Front CREATE. It is led by former C/olorage member Mochizuki Nina. 

The group's formation was announced on October 6, by Mochizuki herself. The group made their official debut in late October 2014.




October 6, during a stageplay that Mochizuki Nina was featured in (TWOTWO), it was announced that Mochizuki would be leading a new unit with two other girls. One girl was a Hello! Project DIVAS. member prior to joining (Otsuka), and one was found through a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei audition (Tsugi). The unit was named CloverSmash!

The following day, on the UP FRONT website, it was confirmed that CloverSmash! would begin activities during the UP FRONT Girls 2014 Fall Tour, and that they would be releasing their debut single, "Goldengirl", in December.


Alongside Up Front Kansai group Lovelyz!!!, CloverSmash! performed as the opening act for the Hello! Project COUNTDOWN Party Live.

During the group's New Years greeting video, Mochizuki announced that the group might be holding their very first Budokan concert sometime in 2015. Mochizuki stated that special campaign will be held, determining if they will have a Budokan or not based on the outcome.

Feberuary 22, the campaign began. The goal was for the girls to get 5,000 signatures each, and to successfully hand out over 12,000 flyers throughout Tokyo, and they would have until April 2 to reach the goal. By March 19, the girls had reached the goal, and their first Budokan took place on August 9th.

May 7, CloverSmash! released their first album, titled Girls Rebellion - Vol. 1-. Three months later, on the same exact day of the group's Budokan, CloverSmash! also released their first mini album titled "Clover's Original Mini!".




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  • According to Mochizuki, Tsunku (Hello! Project's producer) came up with the idea to form the unit once it was announced that Mochizuki and her S/mileage rival (Saito Kotomi) would be graduating.
  • Mochizuki is considered the "manager" of the group, since she decides what events they take part in, the group's style and the group's image.
  • Mochizuki got the group name idea from a school friend.
  • Tsugi Elliot is a former member of the Kansai idol group, "KanKanGirliez". The group was formed in 2009 and disbanded in 2011..