Isosceles (二等辺; Nitohen) is a unit composed of the three DreamS soloists. They were formed in 2014. They currently have 3 members. They are managed by H1GHFLY.



On UF Licks, it was announced that the 3 DreamS soloists were to make a new unit and sing the opening for the new DreamS anime Baka Nikki. The members are Akimoto Yumi, Fujiwara Hanako, and Tanaka Chiharu. They will debut on June 20. Akimoto Yumi was chosen as leader, as she is the oldest out of the 3.




  • With the addition of this unit, the Akimoto siblings are all leaders of a group/unit (Akimoto Yumi - Isosceles leader, Akimoto Miharu - NeXus sub-leader, Akimoto Kureno - Luminus leader)
  • It is composed of former DreamS Kenshuuseis.
  • It is composed of DreamS' soloists.
  • It was created for the DreamS anime Baka Nikki.