Nomura Asami (野村麻美) was born January 12,1998. Nomura is a current member of the Up Front Promotion Idol group Up beat Styles!,and is a former member of the Hello!Project trainee group Hello!Pro Kenshuusei.

July 25,2013,Nomura was added to Up beat Styles!'s current line up,and recieved the color Silver.



February 14,Nomura was added to the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei's official website. Nomura was listed as a "Special Kenshuusei",meaning that her time as a member of the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei was indefinate,and that she would either be removed after approximately 6 months or a debut would be chosen.

It was then revealed that Nomura would be participating in Morning Musume's 10th generation auditions.Due to participating in the auditions,her indefinate status as a Hello!Pro Kenshuusei was lifted.However,Nomura failed to make it pass the third round in the auditions.


Nomura was one of the four kenshuusei (alongside Kaneko Rie,Murota Mizuki,and Nakayaki Ruu) to participate as a back dancer in Morning Musume's 2012 fall tour.Nomura (along with Nakayaki) was a backdancer for the song Usotsuki no Me,by Muramoto Chie.


Nomura was not participate in any Kenshuusei events,including their spring 2013 events and the Hello!Pro All Trainee tours.

July 25,it was revealed that Nomura was added to Up beat Styles! line up,as a second generation member.The reason why she was not participating in any Kenshuusei events was that she was being trained to be an idol.Nomura's official Up beat Styles! color is Silver.