Orikasa Kyou (折笠きょう)

Also Known As

OriKyo, Rikasa-chan, Kyou-chan, Queen of Destruction


March 11, 2001 (Age 12)


Nagano, Japan


Singer, Dancer

Years Active

2013 - Present


DreamS, H1GHFLY, @1 (former), UP-FRONT WORKS

Associated Acts


Orikasa Kyou (折笠きょう, born on March 11, 2001) is a Japanese pop singer under the collective group DreamS and is a member of Japanese girl group Dream Gakuen.



A DreamS audition for a new group was held through June 4 - June 10, and out of 56,747 auditonees, 4 girls were chosen. The four members were Orikasa, Kinomoto Mimori, Kataoka Yurika and Shiomiya Tenri. They were to be the 4 out of 5 members to create the newly formed DreamS group Dream Gakuen, whereas the last member will be a DreamS Kenshuusei. It was to have the "revolving door" pattern, where they will graduate when they graduate junior high school, and new members will be added every time member(s) graduate.


  • Name: Orikasa Kyou (折笠きょう)
  • Nickname: OriKyo, Rikasa-chan, Kyou-chan, Queen of Destruction
  • Birthday: March 11, 2001 (Age 12)
  • Birthplace: Nagano, Japan
  • Blood type: O
  • Height: 150cm (4"11)
  • DreamS Status:
    • 2013-06-16: Member
  • Months in DreamS: 2 Months
  • Eastern Zodiac: Snake
  • Western Zodiac: Pisces
  • Charm Point: Eyes
  • Weak Point: Being too positive sometimes
  • Strong Point: Being bright and cheerful
  • Favourite Animal: Puppies (but she likes humans the best)
  • Special Skill: Baton, Getting along with anyone
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, collecting purikura
  • Favorite Food(s): Asian pears, kalbi kuk bap, sushi
  • Least Favorite Food(s): Eggplant
  • Favorite Color(s): Lavender, Honey Yellow, Electric Green
  • Favorite Sport: Softball
  • Looks up to: Takahashi AiNiigaki RisaKudou Mari, Saho Akari
  • Favorite Song: "Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke" by Morning Musume
  • DreamS Groups:


  1. [2013.06.13] Please! Please! Please!
  2. [2013.07.10] Dear Mr.Socrates
  3. [2013.09.10] Pictogram
  4. [2013.10.18] Ganbare!



  • Is known as the Queen of Destruction (since she tends to destroy things without intending too, and she is also very strong).
  • She knows Aikido, Kendo and Karate.
  • Wants to learn how to play the violin
  • Said that if she could be anything other than an idol, she would be a voice actress.
  • Wants to be able to dance as sharp as Ishida Ayumi.
  • She wants fans to notice her singing and dancing skills.
  • She can cook very well.
  • She can use the baton very well.
  • Orikasa has an older sister, a younger sister and two older brothers.
  • Her favorite English phrase is "this is a pen!"
  • Is one of the 2 youngest DreamS members, and the one of the first members to be born in 2001 and debut.
  • She is one of the shortest Dream Gakuen and DreamS members, formerly being at only 146cm (she has grown and is currently 150cm).