Sweet Project (甘いプロジェクト Suweeto Purojecto) is the umbrella name for the all female Japanese pop recording artist collective that are under contract with UP FRONT PROMOTION.Most Sweet Project artists' are published by the Up Front labels: LOLLIPOP ACE,Zenbu-bu,and Connect Style.The main producer and songwriter is Aaki.The "mothership" group of the Sweet Project is supergroup 8 PERCENT.The current leader of the Sweet Project is 8 PERCENT leader Mizaki Yuri.



In March 2005,UP FRONT announced that they would be forming a new all female Japanese pop company.It was stated that they would not be rivaling the Hello!Project,and that they will be doing their own thing,with Sharan Q member Aaki as the songwriter and producer.

August 2005,the first two groups of the Sweet Project were announced: 8 PERCENT and Honto Pop!.Both groups made their official debut in October 2005.

In December 2005,it was announced that Aaki would be holding auditions for two more groups.

April 2006,the two new groups of the Sweet Project were revealed: Uta-Uta and Love Feelings.

June 2006,the Sweet Project's first trainee group,named Sweet Beeds was formed.17 girls were chosen to enter Sweet Beeds.

August 2006,a excatly a year after 8 PERCENT and Honto Pop! were formed,Okawa Chiyo was chosen to become the first soloist of the Sweet Project.

March 2007,8 PERCENT went on hiatus after a mass member graduation.Aaki was forced to have to hold the third generation auditions.Due to 8 PERCENT's hiatus,lost of fans lost interest in the Sweet Project.Because of this,there was a drop in sales.

September 2007,8 PERCENT returned from their hiatus with 5 new members,and the sales and fans starting boosting up for the Sweet Project.


February 2008,the Sweet Project announced the debut of their second soloist,Miwa Izumi.However,Miwa would be starting off as an Indies soloist.

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