Tokki Gisa (ドッキギザ) is a group under the collective group Suteki Project. They were formed in 2013 and currently have 5 members. Their rival group in DreamS is NeXus. Their Suteki Project group color is Pink.



On December 1, Tsunku announced that with the success of NeXus, he wanted to put more pressure onto them to make them do even better. Because NeXus was originally made from 1st Generation DreamS Kenshuusei, he decided to make another newly formed group from DreamS Kenshuusei, except under Suteki Project. He decided on the members from the currently DreamS Kenshuusei lineup; Sugiyama Momo, Yamazaki Alice, Yamamoto Riko, Yamamoto Yuko, and Sakamoto Hitomi. He considered that they all have something that NeXus does not, and wants to see if they will be able to rival NeXus. During concerts, they will be assigned to have concert battles with the members of NeXus.

The chosen kenshuuseis graduated on December 31, 2013, and officially moved to Suteki Project.

On January 20, the members were finally assigned to their rivals from NeXus. This is the set-up:

Sakamoto Hitomi  Fujimoto Emi; Sugiyama Momo → Sugiura Asuka; Yamazaki Alice → Yamada Ayumi; Yamamoto Riko → Akimoto Miharu; Yamamoto Yuko → Fujiwara Kumiko. 

Tokki Gisa will debut on April 2, 2014.


  • Sakamoto Hitomi (坂本ひとみ; Green) (Leader, lead vocalist) (Rival: Fujimoto Emi)
  • Sugiyama Momo (杉山もも; Pink) (Sub-leader, lead vocalist) (Rival: Sugiura Asuka)
  • Yamazaki Alice (山崎アリス; Blue) (Visual, main vocalist) (Rival: Yamada Ayumu)
  • Yamamoto Riko (山本理子; Orange) (Lead dancer, main vocalist) (Rival: Akimoto Miharu)
  • Yamamoto Yuko (山本裕子; Yellow)(Lead rapper, main dancer, sub-vocalist) (Rival: Fujiwara Kumiko)


  1. [2014.04.??] TBA


  • They were created to rival DreamS' NeXus.
  • The group purely consists of DreamS Kenshuusei graduates.
  • They are to have a cute concept in the group, much similar to NeXus.
  • They are under @1.