Urban Rise (U-Rise; アーバンライズ) is a group under the collective group Suteki Project. They were formed in 2011 and currently have 4 members. Their rival group in DreamS is Polaris α. Their Suteki Project group color is Purple


In 2011, Tsunku decided that with the success of DreamS, he was to give them more pressure and competition by giving them a rival project. This became Suteki Project, and he made an audition throughout Japan to find girls to make groups that would create Suteki Project. Out of the 24 girls he picked, he put 4 into the first group created under Suteki Project -- Urban Rise. It was to have a hip-hop feeling to their songs, and the members were picked based on their dancing skills. They are the mothership of Suteki Project as they were the first group to be chosen. It was also announced that the members were to be Oshiro Mayu, Nakajima Nao, Inoue Shiori and Maruyama Ayaka. It was also announced that Maruyama Ayaka was to be the leader, as she was the oldest, and Oshiro Mayu to be sub-leader as she was second oldest. They debuted on June 20, 2011 with, "Crazy About You". 


  • Maruyama Ayaka (丸山綾香; Sky Blue) (Leader)
  • Oshiro Mayu (大城真由; Deep Pink) (Sub-Leader)
  • Inoue Shiori (井上詩織; Light Green
  • Nakajima Nao (中島奈緒; Light Red)


  1. [2011.06.20] Crazy About You
  2. [2011.10.15] More Kiss
  3. [2012.03.14] Sparkle
  4. [2012.12.12] White Angel
  5. [2013.05.16] Doushiyou


  • They were made to rival Polaris α.
  • All of the members have been trained in dancing and singing prior debuting.
  • Maruyama is the only member born in 1998 (everyone else is born in 1999)
  • All of the members have been in a dancing school
  • First group to be formed in Suteki Project in 2011
  • Youngest group in Suteki Project