ZOOM Jupiter (줌 주피터 (Korean) / ズームジュピター (Japanese)) is a five member group under JIN Revolution Entertainment. The group was originally formed on October 12, 2012, at a BaraJangmi event, where they were initially announced as the Supporting Trainee Act. 

ZOOM Jupiter originally consisted of six members, but after the graduation of Hannah in 2013, the group was shortened to five members.


Current MembersEdit

  • Riley (라 일 리)
  • Artemis (아 르 테 미스)
  • Maya (마 야)
  • Karen (카 렌)
  • Linn (폭포)

Former MembersEdit

  • Hannah (한 나; Graduated June 2,2013)

Note: All of the members were assigned English names when they joined the JIN Revolution Training Program, and since, have used these names. Only one member has a confirmed Korean name, which is Maya (Gim Muna; 김 무나).



  • [2014.06.08] Zoom To Outerspace: Vol 1
  • [2015.08.17] Zoom To Outerspace: Vol 2 


  • [2013.01.14] Na Ege Salang Eul Juseyo (나에게 사랑을주세요; Give me your loving) Indies
  • [2013.08.09] You Are The Best Indies
  • [2013.10.06] Kiss Me - Chu! Kiseu!- (Kiss Me -チュウ! 키스; Kiss Me -Kiss! Kiss!-) Indies
  • [2014.04.12] Suddenly... Indies
  • [2014.08.07] Youth's Bliss 
  • [2015.05.07] CHANCE TO DANCE


  • The reasoning of Hannah's graduation is currently unknown, as she did not announce it in her official statement or at her final concert. However, it is rumored that she had something to do with the leakage of the JIN Revolution contract, due to the fact that her stage name, along with a real name in parenthesis, could be seen at the top of the paper.
  • Artemis had stayed in Japan for two months as an exchange student, so she is the most fluent in Japanese out of all of the members.
  • Linn is the only member with O Bloodtype.